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Striges -
She giggled again and shook her head, “You are a bad man, Jesp Rixik,” she said, poking him lightly at the base of his throat.

“Yes I am,” he agreed.
It's not that I hate Mako. It's just that she's irritating on occasion and so, on occasion, I like to see her in trouble. And Rixik is definitely trouble lol.

LogicLoup - Maneera visiting old stomping grounds was great. Poor Corso - so completely out of his element lol.

Striges #2 - I love Jurial's mind and the way he considers things that are beyond the here and now. And this:
“And Jurial?”

“Yes, Master?”

“Do keep an open mind.”
Ah, irony, lol.

LogicLoup #2 - This is fabulous, hehehe! People really should not get on the bad side of librarians - we KNOW things (and as Irialle points out, what we don't know we can find ) Fabulous!
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