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You do know shadows can't pull friendlies right? Yes, everybody knows the 'stealth in ez and wait for jugg/guardian to leap' method. The only thing that's of concern by the OP is the TIMING of the bugouts/lags and questionable things that happen at the time that they do.
yep, my bad, however guard can still leap to the shadow.

He teleported off node for a few seconds, and you recorded it.
i saw once this bug/exploit, personally i think its a bug. i was stay at node on cw with jugg or mara he was running around it and suddenly disappear, however he was reappear a few seconds later close to stairs, moreover half of his body was inside the floor a few seconds after he reappears normally at the node and continue to move around it, no falling under floor anymore.. no1 attack us at this time.

swtor pvp contains a lot of bugs that any of u can c any single wz, this is just quality of the product bw can produce atm. dont be in hurry to accuse players in hacks etc.

UPD: i remeber similar bug of falling under floor, however it was not possible go bk by yrself, ull need a help for it. it was 3-5 months ago, on CW i was pushed by sage (force wave?) and i fell under floor (close to stairs, i was like inside and just small piece of my body was outside), it was funny since i saw all guys up and i was able attack em, i was able to use aoe to prevent cap the node, they can not hit me melee etc, however 1 guy pulled me away and then they killed me.
UPD2: smthng like this