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I have eight characters that I made at launch, still have them.
Four guys, four girls - ATM, my current playing char is my Sith
Marauder Sreya (a corruption of the Norse warrior maiden Freya)
who is very... klingon-esq. Combat-obsessed, but honorable

if they aren't warriors, they aren't worth fighting

And if they ARE warriors - and they're disrespectful of her (or the Empire)
they deserve stompage :P

I based her design on Maris Brood from TFU, not completely
- but the basic feel of the character was retained in her combat
style and armor. She's become one of my favorites... and
my debut character for my foray into the screen shot thread ^_^

Sreya and her Apprentice

Trash-talking Mandos

Trash-talking Niktos

And Cathar too

Why yes Baras, Sreya DOES look awesome - thank you for noticing

Obligatory Quinn butt-shot for the Malavai fangirls

Vette ALWAYS looks smug - no matter who you're talking to

And Jaesa always looks creepy

Whereas Sreya always looks BAD ***!!!
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