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He teleported off node for a few seconds, and you recorded it.

You can google "swtor memory hacking" First result.

Please make sure that you send in tickets, in game, instead of just posting on the forum.

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^agreed. The player kept the shadow targeted, even as he seemed to disappear. Interestingly enough, if you look at the "distance from target" it jumped from about 4m to 150m in a few seconds, then back down. Seems like he fell through the floor to me, even if the timing is highly suspect.

That was a really nice spot. I suspect that 150m away is the distance to either the middle node, (or under it), or the distance to the off node. It would make sense for that player, and a few in his guild to have preset XYZ set up, such as:

F1 - Grass Node
F2 - Snow Node
F3 - Center of Huttball

and etc.