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Check out the link below!! 1.6 has some nice updates in it.

Actually this is a few clips that we took yesterday the community should check it out, and hopefully Bioware does something about it besides letting these cheaters get away with these kind of things in RATED warzones. No wonder why these guys win. Shake my head, have to cheat to win in a video game? People going out of there way to cheat is almost ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourself. Incase you cant read the guild name it was yours truly "hostile takeover". No wonder why they are rated so high. Cheaters.
hutball - 1. ballcarrier disappears (fall down)- known hutball bug, facing it any single wz.
2. were two jumps, firstly the ballcarrier jumped to the shadow that w8 him at the edge, then shadow force speed to the line and pull the ballcarrier to the line (or opposite 1st shadow pull him to the edge and then guardian jumped to the shadow at the line). u can easily observe these 2 stages on yr minimap, since ballcarrier is marked there.

CW - bug or exploit