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12.06.2012 , 07:31 PM | #3779
Anyone know who Evan Thomsen is? This is his facebook comment to the person who posted about GLAAD that I quoted previously:

Evan Thomsen: I'm not gay, and if I do a new character (I do like to have some alts, but I'm not an alt addict) I don't know if I'd do a same gender romance on the character if offered. But I have no issue with it. It's another choice for the character storyline. As long as patching such in doesn't derail other items that are still in development like Makeb, Cathar as a PC race and so forth, fine. If it does, then let those promised items patch in first, then see if budget allows new voice acting and so forth to patch it in.

After poking around on the SWTOR facebook site more I noticed he responds to almost all posts. Is he officially attached to SWTOR development? I noticed he even answers questions asked via twitter about SWTOR. I've never heard of him before??