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I've had mostly good experiences.

re: Groups. Every once and a while there is a stinker in an OP and a FlashPoint. My standard practice is to make fun of them subtly until they quiet themselves. If I'm healer a few battles where I keep them almost dead is both amusing and enough to get them to quiet themselves.

re: General Chat. Quite frankly, I rarely participate since F2P and generally ignore. I find most newbie questions that I notice are answered and if not I'll whisper the person. The only thing that gets me to post a negative comment (that could be interpreted as rude) is a whiny comment about how A) X isn't free or B) WoW does X better.

With regards to the former, as a subscriber I am insulted by people who want the things I dish money out for to be free. You have access to pretty much everything you need in the Cartel Coin system. You can even purchase many cartel coin items through the GTN.

With regards to the later, believe it or not, some of us have never played WoW and really don't care.

I'm not sure telling someone to pipe down on the above is "rude". I don't insult them, I just tell them they aren't going to win any friends if they continue on.

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