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i think the part where you asked why did Nok need the smuggler to get the family treasure instead of using one of his connections...remember what he said afterwards? he wanted Risha to kill the smuggler after they served their purpose. i haven't got very far on my IA yet, so i don't know what all went on in that conference, but if it were me, why would i wanna put one of my contacts through that kind of danger instead of hire someone more expendable? not to mention that Nok said using the smuggler and then disposing of them when they were no longer useful was his "final lesson" to Risha or however he worded it.

also, as far as the "if he were really dying, why did he not sound/act like it in the conference" thing...there was a medic on Nar Shaddaa who was tending to him while he spent time with Risha. i'm guessing he gave Nok some kind of medication to try and ease the pain or something.

Risha was prolly acting funny about Dialgo because, well he was her father's rival. i'm pretty sure she didn't want him to know who she was, and i bet she felt much safer with him out of the picture. i did see the holorecording in the cave when i ran Lightspring. i don't remember what you thought was controversial about it though.
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