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12.05.2012 , 09:47 PM | #137
-appearance tab, because I want to wear something else than Rakata, without loosing the set bonuses I grinded for. Especially for this cool looking green headset unavailable as a modable item. I understand we have to grind for stuffs, but customization, at least a basic one, should be granted for all level. The orange system is both annoying and while never compete with appearance tab. However, it would be great alongside an appearance tab.
-casual wear. I'm tired of having only one casual wear in the game. 3 if you are female and count the slave clothing.
-miniguns. Some looks a bit like minigun from the side, but none of them completly looks like one. However, they can be seen in clone wars and "the return" SWTOR trailer. Lore friendly, and cool looking.
-SGR. Seriously...
-housing. Real housing, not "you have a ship where you can't do anything" kind of housing. An EQ2 like housing would be perfect, but a LOTRO like would be enough.
-something nice from my collector edition, ingame items. The party jawa is the kind of item I was expecting. Not the training droid. Something worth the price we paid.