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This is a place for people who are looking for people to RP with on a small, intimate scale. I made this as an attempt to provide an easy, clear way for people of various backgrounds, styles, and levels of experience to find people they can connect with. Whether you are new and have no idea where to start, are just looking to RP with new people, have an idea for an arc but no people to participate with, or are just curious, feel free to leave a reply!

How does it work?:
Everyone should include as much of the following that they feel comfortable with sharing to ensure the best match:

Time Zone: EST, PST, GMT, etc...
Availability: Describe the times of day works best for you as well as worst times, in terms of your own time zone.
Preferred gamplay role: Tank, melee, healer, etc...
Preferred RP role: "No aliens", "I only play males", "I prefer Republic characters", etc.
RP experience:
-List credentials
Any idea for a scenario?: Describe what kind of roles you would or would not like to play, any specific story you may have in mind, or any other way to briefly let others know if they would be a good match for your playstyle.
How to contact me:
-List possible methods

(See my post for an example)

NOTE This is NOT a place to advertise your guild or for guild recruiting.