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For easiness:
PT and get her to start as tank. New player to mmo learn pve mechanics better as tank. She can always switch later to dps if she doesn't like tank. Needless to say PT is pvp-friendly.
OMG no, tanks in groups get a massive beating if they make a mistake, so do healers. Never let a new person be either.

Girls don't tend to like guns, so trooper, smuggler, operative and bounty hunter is out.

Girls tend to like bad guys, so some kind of sith.

Girls tend not to like melee, so Sorcerer

Make the sorc a girl, get her a nice robe (Play dress up), and job done. The bonus is that they are easy to play as well.

Worked for me Though then I started to dislike the game and quit but she dragged me back!
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