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12.05.2012 , 06:12 AM | #13
With reference to the Sith Pureblood Jedi.
I don't actually have an issue with this, as long as the numbers stay low. I was worried when it was first announced that reaching 50 would unlock the race for all classes. I honestly expect everyone to have a Sith Jedi. What I'm pleased to see is that there don't appear to be that many.

I saw a Miraluka Bounty Hunter yesterday and even that seemed to work. So they "see with the force" but it doesn't mean they would follow the path of being a force user.

As long as the "at a stretch" combinations remain quite rare I'm happy to see all the differences. The main reason for my initial post was to see if there was any combination that could not possibly happen - so if any of the races weren't force sensitive, yet could be Jedi/Sith etc.
But it would appear that although some combinations are a "stretch" there is nothing that simply could not happen.