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It is a little confusing. You shouldn't confuse augments with custom (orange) gear. Augments can go into any piece of gear, of any quality.

Let's talk about gear level first. Each piece of gear has a given quality:

In order of quality:
White is basic/weak (you never want to wear white stuff after level 10 or so)
Green is normal.
Blue is prototype.
Purple is artifact.

Orange gear is special: it's custom gear, designed so that you don't have to change your outfit every few levels. The stats of custom gear is entirely determined by the item modifications contained within it. If you ripped out the mods from one custom medium chest piece and put them in any other medium chest piece, the stats would be exactly the same as the original piece. (Note that some blue and purple items are also custom gear, in that the mods can be swapped).

Custom gear has a number of fixed modification slots of a given type. A weapon has 5 slots: hilt/barrel/crystal/mod/enhancement. Most custom armor has three slots: armoring/mod/enhancement (waist and wrists don't have an enhancement slot).

With an augment kit - which you generally either need to make yourself or buy off the GTN - you can add an extra modification slot to any item, even non-custom items. This is called an augment slot. Sometimes, if you're lucky, items that you make will come with an augment slot. If you use an augment kit, you need to go to an item modification station to install the augment kit into the item to want to augment. That adds the augment slot to the item.

The only type of mod that will go into an augment slot is an augment. You can very, very rarely find these in the world from quest rewards or missions. More likely you'll buy them on the GTN or make them yourself if you have the right schematic and crafting skill.

As was noted above, however, it's generally not worth augmenting gear until you're level 50. It costs a ton of money - you have to buy the augmentation kit, pay to install it in the item, then buy the actual augment to go into the slot. You'll have outleveled the gear and augment before you know it, and will have wasted a lot of money. At level 50, however, you'll want to progressively add augment slots and augments to all your gear.