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12.05.2012 , 12:21 AM | #4
Firstly, thank you all for the warm welcome and the great advices to which I am extremely grateful, really appreciate it.

If using an augment slot is not the same as upgrading purple or orange gear then would it be a wise choice to just simply augment an orange gear to boost the stats. Moreover if finding better gear is better than upgrading a green gear then there's really no point in upgrading it in the first place correct?

Since a MK1 augment slot is not to useful then perhaps there's really no point in using it as well, right?

Holy moly! I heard that this augment slot thing can't be thought with common sense, but this whole process is really taking its toll, real confusing!

Currently, I'm trying to make my commando the best character I have since it's my first character and trooper is my favorite class. Got to learn all the stuff and focus it by applying it to my character.

In any case, thank you all so much for the much needed help.
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