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Heyo! Sorry, but this maybe a noob question, nonetheless I couldn't find info anywhere else. Recently I've acquired several MK 1 augment slot gear after reverse engineering some of my Synthweaving gear from my consular. I found a green gear that looks pretty good and wish to add augment slots on it so that (if possible) I can upgrade it like orange gear hopefully.

Problem is that after I upgraded it with an augment slot, I have no idea what to do next. I can't seem to add mods purchased via commindations and so I'm confused. I have no idea whether I'm doing this whole augmenting process right or wrong, no idea if it's even possible or what comes next.
Unfortunately, you can only add certain types of upgrades to an item with an augment slot. The ones you buy at the commendations vendor marked "enhancement", "mod", "armoring", "hilt", and "barrel" can only be used to upgrade orange (or purple) gear. With a green item with an augment slot, all you can do is add an "augment" upgrade. I have no idea where to purchase those from vendors if that's even possible -- I bought mine from crafters through the GTN.