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Heyo! Sorry, but this maybe a noob question, nonetheless I couldn't find info anywhere else. Recently I've acquired several MK 1 augment slot gear after reverse engineering some of my Synthweaving gear from my consular. I found a green gear that looks pretty good and wish to add augment slots on it so that (if possible) I can upgrade it like orange gear hopefully.

Problem is that after I upgraded it with an augment slot, I have no idea what to do next. I can't seem to add mods purchased via commindations and so I'm confused. I have no idea whether I'm doing this whole augmenting process right or wrong, no idea if it's even possible or what comes next.

Can anyone help a newcomer that's still learning about this game (let alone new to MMOs since a brief dip on Everquest which was a boring game btw ) on this issue. It would be much appreciated.

As a massive Star Wars fan, this MMO is the only MMO I find amazing.

Thank you all.
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