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if you aim for stealthers, i have to stop you there - most stealthers wont be put out of stealth due to DoTs as they don't break stealth (as far as i can tell) and scoundrels/agents got their dodge anyway.

plasma brand definately needs some love, as well as whole vigi/veng tree. i really am missing more synergy skills like force rush.
I don't particularly aim for them, but if they enter my range, I tend to use this kind of tactic.
And yes it works, DoTs always unstealth people... but you have to make sure that they have a DoT when they go stealth. And this can be done even with Force Shroud and Dodge : it's a short time frame that is hard to exploit, but after they use one of these abilities, they tend to spend a little time before to stealth, and in the case of Dodge, Blade Storm will DoT them back, in the case of Force Shroud it can be done with both Overhead Slash or Plasma Brand. Obviously I prefer to face Assassins because it's easier to have one of two DoTing abilies up...