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Or maybe there are a ton of them because everyone knows sorcs offer a real pvp challenge.
Well I can honestly say since the last patch I do a lot better on my Sorc than my marauder, or Jugg (all 50). I refuse to play rage spec any longer, so there's that.

In hybrid spec as a sorc not a lot of solo marauders can really do too much to me unless I've completely spent everything, or am getting gang focused. And that's fine.

But as a warrior type I now find it far more difficult to simply be effective (again in non-smash). I am still solo queing (marauder) and counting the warriors in zones, and it keeps getting smaller. (I was level 49 yesterday).

I strongly believe with stun bubble spec and ranged superiority is coming back, at least on my server. To be melee is to be 'invisible' or continually stunned to death.

With my Sorc I don't even bother with full Madness anymore. I'll take the slight DPS hit for survivablity and between force run and my CC's I tend to frustrate a LOT of warrior types now, and it was not that way 2 patches ago where I relied on a 'root -and- run' tactic.
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