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12.04.2012 , 12:07 PM | #46
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I've had it with this ongoing hysteria against Marauders....

Intentionally over the last weeks I count how many 'Warrior' classes there are when I lowbie PVP.... it's like 1-2 on average.... sometimes more, sometimes none.

Why is that?

Because it sucks being the only visible melee in all these open maps. I'm just tired of these relentless, clueless 'nerf' threads.

I'm seeing TONS of sorcs/mages. TONS of them... nerf 'em all. I spend half my bloody time in a warzone (3/4 in a ranked game) holding my head from bubbles popping around me.

You really think Marauder/Sent is OP? Roll one, and know what it's like to be focused by 3 ranged dudes, and the guy you're trying to fight all at once.
Or maybe there are a ton of them because everyone knows sorcs offer a real pvp challenge.