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Sentinel will be easier to do well with. Watchman in particular is a pretty easy spec to play, and not boringly so.

Top shadow dps requires you be balance spec'd--which is not an easy spec to play at all. 7 or 8 things you need to keep track of at any given time. Infiltration is far more simple, and imo more enjoyable, but it does less damage.

Shadows can also tank if you ever feel inclined to-- and are probably the most fun tank of the three, at least imo.

People tend to enjoy the JK story over the JC story. I'm neutral. Both were average to me.

Shmex appeal goes to the shadow though. Double-bladed is way cooler than dual wielding.

Long story short: I would probably say that if infiltration did more DPS I'd prefer it over a sentinel. I end up playing my Mara over my Assassin because the damage is just much easier to come by (1700 vs like.. 1400 in similar gear). If you want a challenge-- go balance shadow.
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