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12.04.2012 , 06:56 AM | #17
This is why I just keep general, trade and pvp chat off. It makes for a much better gaming experience, less clutter and I don't have to look at cries for attention through stupidity. If I want to form a group for a FP or heroic then there are always 10-12 of my guildies on and they're always up for a run through.
Save yourself the trouble and just turn general chat off. Stop feeding these morons and letting them get to you. The best weapon you have against the kiddies is to ignore them. Eventually they'll get bored and go back to wow or halo or call of duty or whatever other game they're bored of.
You won't be missing anything in general chat anyway. And if there's friends you really want to talk to then just use /tell or /group. Problem solved.
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