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Whatever Bioware has done to my commando since I last played in February -- Thanks alot you clueless jags. I can only assume you listened to all the noob tracer, etc whiners and didn't actually run any REAL metrics to see where the class stood in comparison with others. I have a hard time believing, based on my rather brief time back, that Commandoes are not now the absolute bottom of the pvp rung. I am sure the Trooper icon (especially commando) has everyone on my PvP team (and maybe PvE) rolling their eyes at the extra weight they have to carry.

I am in BM gear with a naga all set up, so I get to work 10x as hard to achieve some small measure of mediocrity in WZ's as a CM. Great. Always fun. Nice to see hammershot still has a big kick me sign too. And pyro is pretty much only going to be effective on people/teams too stupid to properly pvp anyway.

Knowing Bioware, you nerfed commandoes months ago. And it'll be months before you acknowledge and fix the class. And just like merges, APAC, Illum, etc. by the time you fix the thing, 95% of the people that care will have left your game.

So thanks Bioware. Always fun to come back to a game and find you basically need to shelf your main. If you lock this thread, because I am annoyed, do me a favor -- print it out first and shove it down the Class development team leaders throat.


/end rant

They are giving us a viable escape soon™ though.

Tthe escape isn't an issue we should not be running like *****es our damage is the issue and has been since the aforementioned nerfs where if they just waited a month or so then everyone finally got some brain cells and learned how to shut us down anyway. So we essentially recieved a double nerf both by BW to our damage and the fact communtiy figured (yeah I know) how to shut us down.

It now takes a good gunnery commando to keep laying out damage and stay out the fight but even then our damage is absolutely pitiful compared to any other class, I'm not just talking PT Pyro's and lolsmashers here I'm talking any class Ive been in WZ where I've had 40-0 K/D and seen damage numbers in the 900ks by smahsers whilst I'm way down at 400k and not once wasn't putting out damage, that's how far away we are. I'm only in BM gear but theres no way WH or even the upcoming EWH would make that much differnce to even bring me in range with the mid range DPS'rs.

The class is just utterly fooked but a few of us still persist as we like it, Hell I have a frickin Havoc badge tattoo'd on my arm (yes I'm a geek) I do also have a Mando banner on my chest
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