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If you draw the attention of PT, and maras, you will have quite some trouble if you are DF. If you can have a buddy that will keep an eye on you, a tank, a healer or just a sentinel that will draw the attention to himself, then yes DF will pay off. Otherwise, SS or Sab is a safer bet.
I completely disagree with the Marauder comment, PT as a Lethality/DF? Fair enough. Lethality/DF is the squishiest in terms of raw mitigation from talents. Except for ambush/aimedshot knockback you don't lose any of the counter abilties you have and gain a slow off Corrosive/Shrap Bomb. Kiting is just as easy long as you stay within 10m, root them before you reset position, or change targets and roll to distant cover to create a huge gap while not allowing them to leap to you.

Any 'slinger/sniper spec should tear through Marauders when played well, some more difficult than others.

Full sab offers AMAZING utility, CC, and general objective protection with fairly good on demand burst with a proper rotation. It is imo, one of the best point defenders in the capture objective gameplay and is what I recommend if you want to focus on things other than straight out killing.
Hybrid offers more damage.
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