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12.04.2012 , 03:33 AM | #16
I don't know if it is free players,subbers, or returning players but the general chat especially on the capitol worlds has become absolutely deplorable since launch of F2P. I almost always have it turned off. And if your ignore list gets full then for the really bad ones I add them to my freinds list so with a comment to remind me to avoid them at all costs! Writing tickets unfortunately does no good. Probably the only thing I can honestly say WoW is better at. I never wrote a ticket on a rascist player in WoW that was not responded to within 10 minutes with a ban of said player. I do agree that general chat needs babysitters,not only the content but even some of the names should get players suspended or even banned but until this game starts making money for BW we will never see that kind of support.