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12.03.2012 , 10:59 PM | #1
Itīs being some time that the game has got on, but so far I herd nothing about Body size change options or Hair style change options.

Those are generally presented on all MMO since when you start a character you have not much of an idea of its concepts and so on. And to trow away 50 levels to have a large build seams a little bit expressive to me.

This is a regular thing on high technology environments and I canīt understand why it is not available so far. I know there are several updates and stuffs to do, but this, for sure, is not a to big deal to solve, and through my point of view would add more versatility to styles and so on.

Hair changes are a regular thing, it could be purchased by regular coins inside game. But since body sculpt could be a little bit more dramatic, it could cost some CARTEL COINS I believe.

Iīm sure im not the only the one that could use some change on sizes, please add up, lets do this.