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answer is really in two parts.

One, their are classes that have interesting perks that not all classes have. but they are usually not individualistic. as an example, your sage's revive ability is shared by all AC's that are designated as a "healing" class. on repub side that would be commando, scoundrel, and sage. they all have this CD reduction

Two, your Sentinel probably has a talent that either A: increases his speed during combat by 15% or so (many DPS classes have this available as a talent), or B:you are seeing the results of a talent that temporarily boosts your speed (such as Agility Training in the Focus tree). but both of those options are talents that you choose to spec into, not inherent traits.

But for general abilities, no SC has an inherent speed boost that allows faster then default speed in combat unless you spend talent points on it. but they are great for making each AC feel different and distinct from others.