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Your English is just fine

My ignore list has grown since f2p went live. I didn't even have an ignore list before (and I've been playing since launch). Funny thing is, it's not f2p'ers I've chosen to ignore- all of the incidents of rudeness, childishness, hostility, general d-baggery etc have occurred during running dailies. All I can figure is that these folks are once-subbers who unfortunately returned
I think this is a big part of the problem. Returning players spewing their vitriol at the game because it sucked too much to pay for or even play before, but here they are again making sure we all know it.

I've also seen a fair number of subscribers with these attitude problems. I never use an ignore list. Didn't in wow, didn't in lotro, haven't yet in swtor, but I've been tempted since F2P went live. I really think it's a combination of butthurt subscribers thinking people want everything for free and butthurt returning players who are dismayed to see that the game did not utterly crash and burn as they predicted because they are, in fact, NOT psychics.