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Your english is better than most English speakers/Typers lol
Thank you. I'm trying hard to speak/type proper English

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Yes the community as become a ghetto of rude selfish greedy little p.o.s. I think a majority of the community took it as some kinda sign that once f2p came it gave everyone the right to act like tools. But the reality is its all WoWs fault. They encurged and rewared rudness and greed as they were to big to address these issue they choose to ignore them so people got used to being scammed and said F it not anymore. And it has carried over to other MMOs. The fact that the devs still wont address ninjas and poor play IE greifing then this will not stop. We as players cant do anything for the same resons relieing on people to do the right thing has failed so will a community black list or something along those lines.

No this wont stop untill there is a true punishment for acting like an ***. MMOs are a great way to see just how big a scumbags people truely are. You see how they act when thereis no fear of punishment thats how they will act in real life if something happens. Good leasson remember it for the 12/21/12
First of thanks for replying on my post.
This is my first MMO so i did not know about how things worked in other games but after being in beta testing and the launch of f2p social behaviour went down the drain pretty fast. (i started playing this game because i love Star Wars and i'm doing a study on social behaviour)
What i don't understand is why people continue to keep behaving like this, because they probably will go on the ignore list of alot of people and eventually will not be able to play the game anymore.(think of grouping/doing FP or operations or other game features in other games. Looking at the fact that people are doing this in other games.)
So they're in fact ''killing'' their own gaming experience and create frustration for themselves

As i said before I'm doing a study on social behaviour so thats why it fascinates me why people start and keep behaving like ''douchebags''
Aren't they aware they are ruining everything for themselves?
It just seems strange that this is ''accepted'' in the gaming community by players and game developers alike.

I understand that there are alot of people just doing it for the so called ''lolz'' but some people don't have a clue what they are creating for themselves it seems and carry it over to other people/gamers.
Most MMO-ers i know or see on the TV etc aren't kids anymore ( there are alot of kids playing mmo's but still)
Most of them are in their twenties or older, its seems strange that people use their free time on games to act like ''tools'' to get their daily frustration vented.