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12.03.2012 , 05:58 AM | #2
In all seriousness there are no real caps you can reach with any possible amount of those stats you could ever have.

The reason many people falsely believe it caps at 50% is because they fail to understand the difference between your total shield chance and the shield chance gained from the shield rating alone. Those are not the same things.
50% is not the cap, but the cap is base + skills/buffs + 50%.

Defensive stats do have theoretical caps of 30% defense, 50% shield and 50% absorb gained from the ratings alone, which would require infinite amount of these stats to reach and even coming close to them (like 29/49/49) would require a lot more stats than ever could exist in any gear.

However since none of your percentages start from 0 even if you have no rating stats on your gear, you have not reached any kind of cap at 30/50/50%.

For example a depending on how skillpoints are spent powertech will start, if I remember it right, with 28% shield chance even without any shield rating stat on his gear. This means that at 50% he has only 22% gained from the shield rating stat on his gear, which is not even halfway up the diminishing returns curve. The actual theoretical cap on shield chance would then be 78% which of course is impossible to ever reach, so it is largely irrelevant.