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The end goal is "5%" window top to bottom.

Currently this is really no where near the case for a lot of classes. On occasion people break 2100, but lets say for simple average sake that top end is 2k. That would put a low end 5% difference at 1900. So that should be our range..roughly.

Currently the highest parsing shadow/assassin I've seen barely eeks out over 1900. I've yet to see any parse higher than this on torparse or anywhere else.

I have yet to see an operative break 1750. Granted I haven't seen enough operative parses to really say one way or the other. I do however have my own operative in full BH and even still 1600 is pushing it for me for either spec.

Sorcs/Juggs/Mercs are all struggling to break 1900 that I've seen. Only ever possible with cleave damage--again from what I've seen personally/seen in available logs.

So that leaves us with Maras/PTs/Snipers-- all of which can easily sit in that 1.9k-2k window.

However I will say that the TOR raiding community and the WoW raiding community are impossibly different when it comes to demanding perfection. All of the alts in my sig are BH/campaign geared and I have dps'd on all of them and even a 5th or 6th alt of mine will still generally out-perform most people. People just don't care if they are doing optimal DPS so long as they aren't hitting enrage timers. This also makes it impossibly difficult to gather data to analyze. We have torparse, but it's not anywhere near as popular as worldoflogs so its hard to adequately say "this class is under performing" or "that class is over performing".

The only thing we can all agree on is operatives are awful.
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