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Hello everyone.

I have decided to undertake a huge project here, and I would like to spread the word on the forums before I start.
This is mainly because I will need a bunch of people as actors, extras and so forth, and it's better to put out the message now than a few days before everything starts.
The Server this will be filmed on is "The Progenitor".

This will be a series, episodes are unknown, and it all depends on how well received it will be.
With that in mind, keep an eye out for future posts regarding the project, I will update this thread once I get to that point.
It will feature voice actors, lip synching, special effects and much much more.
I will also create a Website + Blog so people can follow the work I do, and any updates will be posted there as well.

About me.
I have been doing video work for a few years now, currently working on an education as a Film Editor, I still got a long ways to go, and I am no where near a full professional.
I am 30 years old and I have a passion for games, which also leads me to some bright idea's now and then regarding projects I wish to undertake.

For now I have released a small sketch just for the fun of it.
(Disclaimer: I am doing the voice overs here, no where near the quality of voice work coming for the series, and keep in mind English is not my first language)

Sketch 1.

Sketch 2.
Sith Warrior


Contact Info:
Website: Coming Soon!
Email and Web form will be included.
In-game: Kravenn (Empire) Brogan/Korin (Republic)

For the folks without characters on The Progenitor.
There will be a lot of footage from both Tython and Korriban, so creating new characters is always a possibility.
I appreciate the interest in this project, and hope to see a lot of people when the filming begins.