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12.02.2012 , 05:04 PM | #18
Well with FTPer's there's only one thing that i have seen that's annoyed me, was running a Red Reaper for the Daily reward earlier today im level 50 and totally over geared for it so its pretty fast running after killing the second boss one of the dps (there was a healer sorcerer level 44 dps marauder level 44 and a dps marauder level 47) after killing the boss and clearing the trash that attack after he needs on the loot (Fair enough its marauder loot i am passing on ot all anyway if he wants the loot have it no problem with that) he gets the loot fair enough then just leaves the group while hes still in it i put
"Why are you leaving?"
[no reply]
so he leaves at which point i was like fine ok as we continue clearing trash to next boss however i did pm him saying
"Why did you leave mate please tell me your not a ninja ?"
he replied saying "Why are u bothered i needed on gear its for my class and i left cause i have no loot rolls for last boss im a FTP player"
At that point i was like maybe you would stay for 1. to finish what you started 2. to help run the others through the fp (not that we needed him lol but its just polite) 3. to get the xp for the rest of the flashpoint and the daily, after saying this to him he just said "Another dps is easy to find" i just replied "not the point tho is it" other than that ive had no trouble with FTP players yet tho i haven't tried leveling a character since 1.5
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