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Well... this is not an easy question.

Republic Taris questline was quite boring. Nothing really engaging happened there. The only bright moment for me was discovering the fate of an undeground colony which i helped back in KOTOR. Yeah, they ended up bad and that saddened me, but at least it was something. But i liked the general idea of restoring the planet i've known and seen destroyed with my own eyes.

Imperial Taris questline, on the opposite, was fun and engaging, but... I couldn't bear their ultimate goal on this planet. It just didn't make much sense and ruined everything else for me. First, i understand that reps started their restoration project in order to inspire their own people, which is undesirable, but it would take years for them to achieve any significant results. Why then would you dedicate any resources to stop the project right now? Especially when they can be used elswhere for the actual warfare? Second, if you really want to interfere that bad, why then would you want to stop the restoration project at all? Why not taking it over and restoring the planet for the glory of the Empire? Taris was an Imperial planet in its last days after all.

Also, there's one more negative side of leveling there. If you first went through the planet storyline with your republic character, then it would be quite unpleasant to do the same on your imp, ruining your own progress that was achived with some hard effort. Same goes for Balmorra and Corellia (the latter was just ridiculous, i was so pissed to undo everything i've achieved on my SI while leveling there on JK).