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Between this game and Mass Effect 3 I'm starting to think BioWare forgot about this little thing called the Dramatic Arc.

It seems like we're already on the "falling action" toward the resolution (the Republic wins in the end, which we all know to be the case). We've either skipped the climax, or it took place just in one class's story (the Emperor's death). Either way, for the other 7 classes, there's no drama, and it's frankly going to start to get kind of boring.

There's a reason Episode V was basically the Rebels getting their butts kicked. Again, nobody watching Star Wars for the first time honestly thought that there was even a slight chance the Alliance would get crushed and the Empire would reign supreme for all eternity. Obviously the good guys would win in the end. But if the original trilogy was basically just "Rebels blow up the Death Star and proceed from triumph to triumph until Luke kills the Emperor", it wouldn't have been nearly as popular as it was.
i have a feeling that the next story chapter was supposed to be equivalent to ESB but weather we get it now that Bioware has shall we say had problems is another thing.