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Like some of the other commenters, I really loathed it by the time I got my fourth Pub character through it. The speeder pathing is dumb and illogical (backtracking? Really?), the footpaths confusing, especially when coupled with the map, which can be hard to read if you haven't been over the planet five times. I did it pre-Legacy speeder, so I was having to walk (or Sprint) eveywhere.

Then I hit it with my first Imperial...and for some reason, I grew to like it a lot. I think partially because as another commenter said, it's the only planet that ever displays a night cycle. Just that one change made a huge difference in my experience of it. The Imperial planet quest was fun. And I found it really enjoyable all the callbacks they did to the Republic Taris storyline, from some NPC cameos to one of the Imperial class quests having weak ties into one of the Republic class quests.

I wound up having to visit Taris with one of my Level 50 Pub characters to tie up her leveling stories, and it was so strange to do so after the culmination of her story line and knowing what I did of what happens to Taris in Chapter 2 under the Imperial storyline. It literally felt like stepping back into time, more than any other experience I've had to do.
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