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The Corellia Security Force is head-quartered at One CorSec Plaza and is headed by a Director, it is the primary law-enforcemnt agency for Corellia. It can be further divided as such:
New recruits are trained at CorSec Academy
The Tactical Response Team is a elite commando-pilot unit.
The Smuggling InterdictionDivision deals with smugglers and contraband.
Animal Control Division deals with wild and dangerous creatures.
CorSec Special Operations plans raids on criminal strongholds among others.
CorSec Intelligence is there intelligence branch

The Senate Security Force protects the Senate Building and Senate District but can also be send elswhere like a ny Republic military unit, they are based out of Senate Building security center

Hutt Cartel Security is the security force for the Hutt Cartel on Nar Shaddaa and is made up of several security forces like Bareesh Clan Security and Labor Alliance Security