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11.30.2012 , 06:43 AM | #53
I had this same issue last night...
Logged in, the game DECIDED I wasnt a subscriber, when in fact I am...
* Reset my quickbars and removed them
* Downgraded my speeder training (losing the subscriber speeder perk and not being high enough to get it at normal level)
* Removed tauntan, part jawa, vehicle etc.
* Reset my toons appearance cause of hide helm, match colours, lost my title showing.
* Put cartel coin logos all over my character sheet and what not.

Logged out, logged back in.... Everything back to normal, only effected that one toon
* had to redo all my quickbars again.
* repay for my speeder training again *8015 credits lost*
* redo my appearance options
* recieved "player creation" mail for pets/vehicles/color crystal/party jawa.

In the end, mainly the shock... the whole resetting my bars and repaying for mount training... but seriously, if the game cant verify i am a subscriber and does all that by default like a vicious deadlocked gate. Shame on you bioware, it stings when it not warranted.

Dalborra (Oceanic Server)
Character: Dirtyboots
Planet: Hoth
Time: 1am Australian EST. (approx 22 hours ago)
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Makes a multi-million dollar game and forgets to advertise it in the Australia, the countries they actually built a server for ??? Start marketing the game, viral ads, full page newspaper ads, media circus. Thats population control... new customers.