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11.29.2012 , 01:34 PM | #14
I use to run annihilation only and found that having ~120-140 crit rating (came out to about 27-28% melee crit) worked the best.

I have recently switched to carnage and been spending a great amount of time on the dummy perfecting my rotation, and trying to find that sweet point with crit... i beleive it lies at ~300-350 crit rating (will come to about 35% melee crit buffed), it may be a little bit more then that... it will be a few days before i get the chance of getting some more crit enhancements to play around with.

Since i am still perfecting the rotation i check the average damage of the hits of massacre, ataru form and ravage for a base line if the crit i just added out weighs the power that i lost... as long as i see a reasonable increase (if it is a small increase i say it isnt worth it due to the lost of damage on scream).

Once i get the rotation perfected to a T i will try to post a log, i am aiming for 2100 and i think i should be able to reach that in a 5 min fight.
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