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Did you done other tweaking on SWTOR or Windows 8?

I had my Win8 die a couple of days ago. Nothing to blame Win8 on totally. I was going crazy with my overclocking to test the limits since heat was no problem. Apparently my memory isn't able to overclock as much as my heatsink would let me. Anyhow something got corrupted in my Windows 8 because of my being crazy.

But I had to reinstall most of my games including TOR. Games installed on another drive didn't require the reinstall after doing the refresh (new feature of 8 although I now prefer the old repair install option after this). Anyhow once again, no problems and only tweak I had to do again was the cursor lock program because of the dual monitor. And do not use the default graphics driver from MS. Get the driver from nVidia (or AMD or Intel or whoever you use). Same with sound driver.

Posting this to show once again an install without problems. (other than a patch issue a few people posted about in another thread that had nothing to do with Windows 8 or new installs)