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11.29.2012 , 06:36 AM | #1
I'm new to roleplaying, only ever played in PVP servers in MMO's, but have always liked to develop a 'character' to follow. I honestly had never looked into RP before, and ignored the concept completely. But I would like to take what I have been doing already, to the next level and get serious about it.

I've been researching the style of play for RP, and have got a good basic grasp of how to get started. I pick things up quickly, a reflection of my character, so don't worry about having someone who has no idea playing with you.

I am a huge fan of Star Wars lore, and would like to find a group/guild that I can share this with, keeping with canon, and developing a great story. I am looking to start a Sith character, but am unsure of what server currently is the best for serious RP.