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Regitreer je op de site , gedaan heb ga met je muis naar explore kies forum en dan recruitement gedeelte swtor.
lees t ff door en vul de app in.

Ik weet niet wat je main is maar voor de tank is er geen plek kwa raids op t moment, we hebben er 5 lopen al.
Voor social gedeelte is er altijd plek.
Thanks for the answer, I'll do it today. I don't really have a main atm, I'm mostly leveling the Sentinel. But I would prefer to do the endgame content with my Imperial Agent, as it is my first character and I love healing.

If I were to play my PT again, I think I'm respeccing to DPS. Sadly my gear for him is all tankish, so I'm waiting for 1.6 to kick in to receive the new quest for Tionese gear and start all over again but as DPS.
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