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I loved Taris. When I first did it at game launch I thought: "ok, swamp with Rakghoul's. cool." Then when I returned to the republic on a new character, I swore to level him quickly but enjoyably. So I did ALL Taris missions, and I loved the story of it: helping people rebuild Taris, it was the first planet I did all heroics and missions, I even solod my last heroic. Maybe it's just my inner KOTOR fanboy, but I did love the story to the promised ones. I nearly cried when i learned they all died out.
What I did love though, was my last mission of the entire planet, (besides said heroic) was that Someone needed help, and I chose the option: "let me guess, Rakghouls" and I was just thinking that in my head. Fit perfectly. This character was a Jedi guardian, when i did my operative, I was shocked there were so many connections between imperial and republic Taris (usually the imperials going to republic mission areas, and undoing what they started), and even the class stories were connected.

To rap it up: I loved Taris. But it was long, I only redid my favorite missions, like the endar spire and the Rakghoul vaccine.
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