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This could be an awesome way to get people into Cantinas. Swoop racing pvp style without the fighting. Or Swoop racing pvp fighting dirty lol. But make it so that the swoop races are tied to cantinas like they were in KoTOR with each track on different planets offering different challenges. A backwards swoop track. One that is straight forward with no obstacles and one that has obstacles galore! Give out some great rewards for people who compete like better mounts or racing gear you can wear in game.

Same with pazzak. I don't like pazzak and wouldn't play but the gambling aspect is definitely there. Especially in a cantina setting. If you don't want people to lose much money give them the option of entering by paying and have it so that there is a big pot of credits or gear that you can get from playing.

Unfortunately the issue that would arise is that you'd have players who were so much better at it then other players that there would be complaining but it could still be competetive by making about skill and the vehicle you're riding.
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