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11.28.2012 , 11:12 AM | #12
As a 50 in an RP guild, I often find myself with 3-5 weeklies, 2-3 sets of dailies 3-5 each set, a vehicle or two and then space then whatever heroic I am doing with people (depending on planet and such that can be 3-5) often totaling 30-35 quests.

I can understand the OP wanting more slots, If you don't like that or me wanting more.. then please disagree with the topic not the person. If you agree, also add this.

What I would love to see is categories separated like the Codex.. so weeklies and dailies were their own category.

And yes I could complete dailies and such to clear space.. Except when a Guildie calls or RP opens up, the daily gets put on hold.