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11.27.2012 , 04:52 PM | #24
One thing that would be pretty cool for guild ships/stations is if they let you build it yourself.

You'd buy a core and then select a component you'd like to add or upgrade. Grant all subscribed guild members a 4th crew skill to work on the station and a few relevent items to craft against - eg work on weapons, work on shields, work on an additional interior space type to add a medbay, crew quarters, bridge upgrade, elevator, ongoing maintenance, whatever.

When enough crew skills have been ran against that particular component - perhaps visible as a sort of exp bar at the guild bank, the area becomes unlocked and accessible. The quarters could act as a sort of character housing and the public areas could be decorated by holostatues and memorabilia of guild achievements like clearing ops with all guild members.

You could do things like create a guild vs guild scenario where the objective is to access critical data, kill a specific guild member, whatever, held by an opposing faction's guild vs defend your station/teammate from boarders.

The more internal defenses you build up, the harder it is to get past those encounters and with the mixture of pve vs pvp it'd be some interesting fights.

Add in individual ship bays and the guild ship or station could act as a carrier and hook for pvp and pve space battles in a multiplayer format.

Make external defenses customizable and add internal weapons stations coupled with the above group pve and you have a capital ship plus fighter support you could get into some REALLY intriguing space combat with.

This has the potential to be a huge addition and goes along the lines of what I'm hoping the space project thing really is.