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....Numerous Big Butt Jedi Robes threads, countless music loop threads, hood toggle, chat bubbles ... more action bars thing,
Again, example after example of things that are completely different from what we're asking about. These are all really small, minor issues with a large amount of concern behind them. They are extremely easy to address, because they are one question issues. There is no big implementation concern with how hood toggles are going to be handled. It's just "Are they coming?" That's it. These issues are also all much smaller in development scope than our issue, and are likely easier to get solid answers about because of that.

Further, none of those have anything to do with story.

Scale and content type, those are the two things to keep in mind when making comparisons to our issue. If they aren't even in the same ballpark, the comparison is invalid.

I'd like to see a compilation of all developer/CM communications to the community about HK-51 in the time frame of Launch until the official announcement of his inclusion in Section X. That would be a pretty direct comparison. Unfortunately, I unsubscribed to wait for SGRAs during most of that time, so I don't really know how it was handled. I'd be pretty surprised if they did much beyond tease that he was coming.

Before I said to be patient and reasonable. I'd actually settle for just reasonable. If you want to push as hard as you reasonably can, writing letters about the lack of info on promised content to Massively,, Darth Hater, Gizmodo, who ever, and asking them to call up EA's press offices and demand information, more power to you.

But, I really wish you guys would stop pushing this discrimination angle. I think it's dangerous and most likely inaccurate. I don't feel like BioWare would be any more forthcoming about any other project of similar scope, and I've seen nothing to indicate I'm wrong about that. In fact, I've very rarely seen ANY game developer be very forthcoming about projects of this scope.

Yes, guys, I understand the importance of our questions. Yes, I have multiple classes I refuse to level or even create until we have some answers. I get it, I really do. I want this as much as anyone. It's just not very fair to turn what is most likely just a disappointing development snafu into a malicious case of discrimination.