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11.27.2012 , 12:51 PM | #16
Well, I'm trying to communicate, but usually I see smth like :
15-20 min in GF (somewhy F2P's avoid it)
"You've enetered xxxxx"
nnnnn leaves the group
***kk leaves the group
15 sec of silence
jjjj leaves the group
'the group has been disbanded"
15-20 mins again....

or stuff like....

"Hello guys! Pal, you should use a stance for tanking, ur gear is also 0 durability)" (see tons of ppl with no self buffs/stances with broken gear)-silence/ "I tank the droid u tank the adds"-->he dies, dps/me tank the stuff

Srsly, I've completed all PvE stuff and I want to lvl another twink, but I can't coz it's either frustrating (pvp/fp), either boring + frustrating (done all side quests 2 times on each side/ don't have any +exp buffs on pve / noob f2p's killing every mob they see even if they don't have to....)
I've dinged my JK several days before 1.5 hit, but I never had a hard time lvling either pvp(it was bad, but not terrible like it's now), either pve( still enough ppl to group with, not too much to wait for mobs to spawn all the time). Why would I play if I have noth to do but dailies/some pvp? More importantly, why can't I enjoy the game as usual if I pay for it?