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I think the problem is the culture just hasn't caught up with the times yet.

Imagine for a moment if you will that SW:TOR launched without any black people in the game. No black npc's, no companion customizations for black companions and no black skin tones for players to use, not a single character in the game being darker than a swarthy Italian. The outcry would have been just as loud as ours was from the players, but gaming magazines and review sites would have picked up on it and blasted EA/BW about it, I wouldn't doubt if even a few mainstream media outlets would have ended up running stories about it.

EA would have been forced to come out and issue statements and apologies and promises and you can bet they would have fixed it in no time flat. Hell it would have been priority number one till it was fixed. It just isn't seen a politically correct or socially acceptable to be prejudiced against people of African descent. This game would never have been allowed to launch like that and you certainly would never have seen someone at BW stupid enough to say "There are no blacks in Star Wars!".

Now in the case of SGRA's I think it is still seen as being somewhat socially acceptable to be homophobic, just so long as you don't talk about it. All EA and BW really need to do at this point is never talk about it again and far as they are concerned the issue is resolved. No gaming media is going to pick up on it, we certainly won't be seeing any pressure external from the industry. All we have is this little thread tucked away in the back of the forums that they can easily ignore. Doesn't make it any less bigoted or discriminatory but so long as they don't talk about it, its seen as "okay".
I don't think Bioware is being homophobic, just stupidly tight lipped.

I do see your point, however.
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