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The way we do it is simular as some alrdy stated.

In this case im 1 of the tanks what i do i position myself were the 1st pack will spawn assoon khepess start talking while you are dpsing the big droid.

What i do as an assassin tank the moment the pack spawns i pop shroud and aoe the adds ( no damage cause of shroud reflected bck to me ), the other tank taunts the warrior seperate it from te rest and kills it while i hold the rest grouped up to aoe them down as fast as possible.

2nd pack appears during that aoe, i use my aoe taunt to get them , other tank taunts the warrior again etc etc.
3rd pack shroud is bck up i sprint towards them pop shroud aoe the adds other tank takes the warrior again , and the aoe will nuke the rest
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