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When I was young my mother bought me the first of the X-Wing novel series. It was probably the first novel I enjoyed enough to finish, followed by pretty much the entire timeline from that point.

Now I find myself going through them all again in order, again starting with the first X-Wing novel.

There are some that suck along the way. No doubt about it. I'm looking at you, The Courtship of Princess Leia.

But all in all I think they're a good continuation of the original trilogy, starting 6 years after the Battle of Yavin and really beginning the post Ep6 EU. Here's where you'll start to see groups, characters, and events that play a part all the way through to the newest Legacy-era novels.

That said, Lucas ****ed a lot up when he made the prequels. He changed some of the nature of the Jedi that kind of makes some EU characters' back stories impossible. You'll also see Jedi living lifestyles contrary to the norm in the prequels and timelines prior to them (including the Old Republic eras). Basically he just messed continuity up and I hate him for it, but Star Wars is "his", or whatever... even though the collective forces of the EU authors have put a lot more time into the universe than he has. But whatever. I'm not bitter. Really.

If you can get past that you'll like them. If you can't, well... I'm not sure there's anything in the EU that'll be easier to swallow.